1.        Players must be paid and signed in on team roster before playing

2.        Players may be on one main roster and only sub for one other team in division. (name must be on second roster) Subs may only be used if team has nine or less players unless it is a goalie

3.        Home Team (team listed first) must change shirt in case of color conflict. (always bring white as alternate color)

4.        Game Length:  50 minute straight clock with no halftime

5.        Type of Ball:  Futsal provided PWAC

6.        No Cleats

7.        No Chewing Gum while playing

8.        No spitting on turf (yellow card can be issued by referee)


1.        Kickoff can go forward or backward

2.    No offside

3.    No slide tackling

4.    Restarts must be played within 5 seconds and opposing players must be 10 feet from ball

5.    Balls that go out of bounds on side are a kick in and must be placed on the line

6.    Balls that hit top are considered out of bounds and are restarted at mid-field

7.    All  kicks are indirect except for handball in box by defensive team and that is one step penalty kicks


1.    Pass backs to goalies – feet only may be used.

2.    Balls that go over end line by offensive team are then played in by goalie with hands

3.    Balls that go over end line by defensive team are corner kicks


1.    Yellow Cards – players must serve 2 minute sit out and team will play short for full 2 minutes unless other team score

2.    Red Cards – players is dismissed from game and must leave field and must sit next scheduled game. Team will play short for 5 minutes.

3.    Fighting will not be permitted.